We all have that one midwife that we connect with – the one who’s knowledge is invaluable, that treats you with the right amount of care teamed with the right amount of brusqueness to get you through.

Lesley was that midwife for Amy.

My Expert Midwife (awarded Made for Mums 2018 Bronze award, Project baby awards 2019 GOLD and shortlisted for the Mother & Baby Awards 2019) is an amazing pre-& post-natal product range created to tackle the taboos for mums to be and new mums.

Founders Lesley (Amy’s midwife) and friend Claire are both mums that themselves had direct experience of difficulties following childbirth – Claire met Lesley whilst looking for a more positive birth experience with her second child. As well as becoming firm friends, they quickly realised that they shared a joint passion – along with sport and family life – for educating women about the reality and side effects of becoming a mum. After identifying a need, as well as a gap in the market, Claire and Lesley have spent three years developing a practical solution to the taboos that surround pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

Lesley is a registered, practising midwife with experience of private and NHS provision, she’s also a media midwifery expert and ‘One Born Every Minute’ TV personality! Claire is a pre, post-natal and baby massage specialist.

My Expert Midwife has an informative blog with guest writers providing valuable pre and post-natal birth advice on topics such as mental health, hypnobirthing and more. Products available include “Spritz for Bits” soothing pain relief to soothe pain, irritation and bruising which can be used on c-section scars. “Fantastic Skin Elastic” is enriched with vitamin E to encourage skin elasticity, sweet almond oil to prevent dryness and argan oil to restore and protect – a skincare essential!

We love all the products and advice on the website so urge you to go take a peek – particularly if you are an expectant mum or new mum to be…