What do you do?

I’m a children’s author and love to write and when I’m not writing- I’m thinking about writing! Also, Mum to two boys and a girl and powered mainly by tea and bourbon biscuits.

What inspired you to become an author?

When I look back, I always loved coming up with new stories and rhymes and can vividly remember the first little book that I wrote aged seven or eight called ‘My Hot Air Balloon Adventure’. I think writing stories has always been a part of who I am, I just didn’t realise how much until I had my first baby and read A LOT of amazing books alongside a lot of terrible ones! As a new mum I wanted to be integral to storytelling and part of the magic that helps kids learn to love to read. This is why I decided to take a break from my day job as Criminologist and Senior Manager within the Civil Service, to self-publish my first children’s picture book last year. I have been having the best of times sharing ‘The King and the Cockerel’ across schools, nurseries and libraries ever since.

What is your business?

I set up Read-Write-Inspire shortly after publishing my first book as a way of delivering fun and interactive workshops to kids, starting from early years right through to key stage two and beyond. I use my book to engage children in writing and demonstrate that they too can become budding authors themselves.

What do you love most about being an author?

There are so many things about being a children’s author that I love! Developing ideas into stories, seeing these being turned into illustrations, meeting new people and learning from others but the best bit is always reading my book aloud to children. However hungry, tired, poorly, or restless they are, watching their eyes light up and engage with the story is priceless.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

I still consider getting my own brood out of the house dressed and relatively muck free on a daily somewhat of a coup! If pushed for my biggest professional achievement however, I’d say being listed as a finalist in the 2018 Wishing Shelf Book Awards was a lovely start to the year.

What are your future plans?

More of the same! Being able to write for a living is my ultimate goal and I feel super lucky to have got to where I am now already. My second picture book ‘Molly’s Magic Brolly’ is out in September and I literally cannot wait! I have started to edit my first book club novel which I wrote during my last maternity leave and am excited to see where that takes me. As well as writing other picture books, I recently finished a chapter book for older kids and continue to write as a columnist for Mumbles Magazine, West Yorkshire. I may soon move onto tea and Jaffa Cakes:)

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